Colin Hinds

Director of Finance & Operations

Colin is a public sector finance specialist who has dedicated the past 30 years to a career in financial management within various NHS and educational organisations in Northamptonshire. He was appointed to the post of Director of Finance and Operations at the Trust’s inception in 2012. In this role, Colin oversees all strategic aspects of the Trust’s financial, legal and operational affairs. Leading on all operational business compliance matters, he is the Trust’s Health and Safety officer and Data Protection Officer.

A qualified business graduate, majoring in advanced financial and management accounting, Colin takes his responsibility as the Trust’s Chief Financial Officer very seriously. He has developed a strong track record and reputation for robust stewardship of the public purse and plays a pivotal role in ensuring that the Trust and its academies have firm financial and operational foundations on which to build exceptional educational opportunities and outcomes.

A former pupil of Sir Christopher Hatton Academy (alumni 1989) Colin is proud to support the Trust community to provide the same excellent educational prospects and privileges that he enjoyed as a pupil.