Hardcastle R

Welcome from Rob Hardcastle - CEO

Welcome to the website for Hatton Academies Trust. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us; please take the time to look through the pages and find the information you need.

The central mission of all at Hatton Academies Trust is to provide an education without limits for every student we have the privilege to educate, regardless of their background. We recognise the power that education has to remove the deeply ingrained link between poverty and academic underperformance. In order to achieve our mission, we do not over complicate and strive to secure teaching that is consistently excellent, leadership that is outcomes focussed and inspiring and standards of behaviour that are rated as exemplary.

The other part of our mission statement is to act with integrity at all times. In order to achieve this, we expect all who work in our organisation to put the best interests of our students at the heart of every decision made. We place great emphasis on building effective partnerships and relationships across all of our student, professional, parental and leadership groups.