Hatton Academies Trust is a restless, outward facing organisation and that aims to learn through collaboration with other settings and experts across the education sector locally, nationally and internationally. We understand the benefits of not to just be part of established collaborations but also the need to start new collaborations and act upon the education system rather than just be part of it.

We act as the Hub lead for Challenge Partners in Northamptonshire. Challenge Partners is a national organisation that works to improve the whole education sector through collaboration, challenge and meaningful review.

As part of Hatton Centre for Education, we are proud to provide an extensive suite of accredited professional development opportunities, a range of initial teacher training routes and deploy many different Specialist Leaders in Education across other settings locally and nationally. We have recently joined with Outstanding Leader Partnerships to enable us to provide an even wider range of accredited routes of professional development to our staff and to those working in other educational settings.

We work closely with other local MATs, we are a member of a multitude of national bodies such as the Institute of Physics and have very close cross Trust working between our academies in a range of leadership groups.