Celebrating Exam Results at Sir Christopher Hatton Academy


Year 11 Students at Sir Christopher Hatton Academy are celebrating exam results which reflect all of their hard work and dedication.

We are incredibly proud of the progress students make during their time at Sir Christopher Hatton Academy. This year the individual students who have achieved the most progress during their time at the Academy are:

  • Borris Stefanov; Joins Hatton VI Form to study Geography, Business, Maths and Further Maths
  • Jamie Swales; Joins Hatton VI Form to study A levels in Sociology, Business, Politics and Applied Science
  • Adam Soczewka; Joins Hatton VI Form to study A level in English Literature, Biology, History and Business
  • Hubert Malenda; Joins Hatton VI Form to study English Literature, ICT, Politics and Media
  • Yasmin Fatema; Joins Hatton VI form to study Sociology, Health and Social Care, Business, Philosophy and Ethics

A Special mention must go to our five highest achieving students; Katie Burwell, Cara Ring, Lilly Bea Mather-Dearden, Finley Leadbeater and Kris Stoneman.

Mr Mitchell and Mr Salisbury, Co-Principals

We are very proud that our Year 11 2021 cohort have achieved such well-deserved grades after all of their hard work, focus and determination during a challenging year.  We wish to acknowledge our tenacious staff who have worked tirelessly to ensure the best outcomes, and extend our thanks and gratitude to parents who have supported the Academy and their children throughout this time.  We wish the Year 11 2021 cohort our very best wishes as they take their next steps into the future.

Sixth Form Students at Sir Christopher Hatton Academy received their A level results which will enable them to continue their fantastic journey onwards.

Mr N Salisbury and Mr A Mitchell, Co-Principals

The staff of Sir Christopher Hatton Academy would like to congratulate all students on their hard work, focus and determination over what has been a challenging period.  The 2021 Year 13 cohort have worked with great dedication and contributed widely to the whole academy.  We wish them all the very best as they prepare for their future endeavours.

More than a third of students who have applied to universities have obtained a place at the prestigious Russell Group of universities.  A number of students are also commencing Apprenticeships.

Notable students include:

  • Akash Kumar Badhan will be reading Biomedical Science at University College London
  • Arpana Kumari will be undertaking a 1-year apprenticeship at Great Glenns and will then go on to read Politics, Philosophy and Ethics at University of Liverpool.
  • Christopher Price will be undertaking an apprenticeship with the Police force.
  • Chloe Swales will be completing an apprenticeship in Marketing at the Encounter Group.
  • Dev Patel will be reading Economics at Loughborough University
  • Dua Rehman – Iqbal will be reading Law and Politics at Royal Holloway University
  • Gauri Patel will be reading Design Engineering at Aston University
  • Harry McWilliam will be reading Engineering at the University of Oxford
  • Jodie Rice will be reading English at the University of Birmingham
  • Neha Dholakia will be reading Mathematics at the University of Warwick
  • Saahil Kanabar will be reading Civil Engineering with a placement year at Loughborough University.
  • Sally Wilson will be reading Fine art at the University of Northampton
  • Shiv Dhanji will be reading Mathematic Physics at University of Warwick
  • Tarun Mistry will be reading Pure Mathematics at Imperial College London
  • Thomas Kenwright will be reading Physiotherapy at the University of Birmingham
  • Vieanna Bhundia will be reading Law at Newcastle University

Sir Christopher Hatton Academy Open Evenings will be held as follows:

Year 6
Monday 4th and Tuesday 5th October 2021

VI Form
Wednesday 3rd November 2021