Hatton Academies Trust; a local family of schools working together to ensure the highest quality of education. 

“Working with the Hatton Academy Trust Primary Schools was great, it made me feel like a role model to the younger students. Involving the primary schools in our charity events not only raised further awareness of the charities but showed the cohesion of all the schools as one big family.”


Working collaboratively with the other schools in the Trust provides opportunities for children and staff to continually improve.

  • To develop a family of schools working together to support all our students
  • To raise aspiration locally and individually
  • To develop a love of learning and a learning community in which staff, pupils and parents play a proactive role
  • To develop continuity and progression from pre-school to the workplace and university
  • To raise educational outcomes for all students at all ages
  • To focus on teaching as our core activity
  • To develop confident, caring individuals and responsible citizens
  • To recruit and retain the best staff by ensuring opportunities for professional development
  • To work together to secure solutions to local, national and global issues and challenges